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Nate Connolly

Nate Connolly is a designer/builder at heart.  He started as a carpenter apprenticing under his uncle in upstate NY rebuilding old colonial homes.  Finding Bend during his snow travels out west, Nate brought his skillset and design education to Central Oregon in 1996.  After running a crew of carpenters for five years, Nate added the design element to his services and launched Ridgeline Custom Homes.  Now, Nate is the soul owner, designer, and lead carpenter.  It is his ability to understand your vision and translate it onto a landscape that makes Ridgeline projects unique. 


Tyler StoefeN

Tyler Stoefen has been a career carpenter and general contractor in Bend for 17 years.  He is as gifted a carpenter as he is a project manager.  The quality in his process is seen throughout our homes.  Tyler makes sure there is wonderful detail and craftsmanship in each home. It is his high standards and eye for detail that make it possible for our tradesmen to do their best work.  It is his dedication to each project that protects the quality, budget, and schedule. 


Linnaia Jervis

As office manager, Linnaia Jervis handles the behind the scenes work.  As a freelance professional organizer, her skill is in detail and presentation.  From maintaining contact with subs, to organizing the monthly billing, Linnaia makes sure nothing falls through the cracks on any project.  She is also in charge of social media and website construction.  It is her ability to communicate, organize, and streamline the building process that completes the Ridgeline team.